PhotoStream using Instagram

How it works.

  1. Specify your event #hashtag.
  2. Guests posts photos on Instagram with event #hashtag.
  3. Photos newly tagged streamed to our system in real-time.
  4. Photos gets printed automatically.
  5. Guests collect printed photos.

PhotoStream using WhatsApp

How it works.

  1. WhatsApp your image to a number displayed during the event.
  2. That's it!

Interactive Photography.

Connect and engage your guests and target audience using mobile social media.

Everyone is a photographer.

No more looking for photographer. Anyone with Instagram can be a photographer.

Creating event and brand awareness.

Build brand awareness on social media with Instagram’s more than 90 million active monthly users.

PhotoPlay Instant Printing Workflow.

Enjoy all the benefits of PhotoPlay Instant Printing workflow. See here for more details.

More than 1700 photos tagged during an event.

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